“It’s better to travel all the time, but never come to your destination” – Buddha

Voyageur S/S 2018

We all travel in time and in space. Every day of my life. And we only need one thing – to rejoice and enjoy it. This is how Serge Smolin talks about his new spring summer collection. The most important thing is the process and no matter where you go, the very feeling of moving, this is what drives the most. And what is needed for this, everything is true – a comfortable wardrobe!

The jubilee men’s collection Voyageur (spring / summer 2018) from the IDoL brand. is devoted to the Traveler, namely to you! What could be better than rest, everything is true – a beautiful holiday!

In the new season, Serge relies on a variety of classical forms with complex elements in the form of volume fragments, folds and protectors. Jackets Spencers with poloteradelyami perfectly combined with shorts, and short trousers on cuffs. Guipure shirts and lacy sweets give a taste of bourgeoisness and extravagance. And in a cool time you can not do without a raglan coat with secret two-sided leaves. The color palette is clear and clear – dark blue, graphite, gray, pink, orange in combination with a large cage and a wide strip, the whole collection is imbued with the spirit of freedom and independence.

The aroma of the collection Miller et Bertaux «Study # 23 newsletter» – a mysterious incense, garlands of leaves of patchouli, necklaces of yellow flowers, smoky cedar, sandalwood. He pulses with modern techno music. Provided by parfum buro

The collection is complemented by Alex Schneider hand-made belts and bright accessories from the GARA boutique.

Feel the comfort and convenience you can with New Balance shoes.

The musical mood of the collection was created by the composer Kharaktic

Organization of the Y.Vision Creative Group show

RIO-Design Decorations

The idea of Serge Payet