Sincere Recognition of a Bachelor: Irakli Makatsaria has told if he really is a beloved in Ukraine


A bachelor is already thinking about who will create his wedding tuxedo.

Irakli, today you are not alien to this fashion festival because recently you are the face of the Ukrainian brand of men’s clothing IDOL. This is a completely new experience for you.
– I really liked! I will not say that I follow the trendy trends, for me to become the face of the brand – this is a significant challenge! But this is something new, and it always catches!

Today you are wearing the IDOL brand. How did you choose a suit? This is a non-standard cut, a non-standard tuxedo.

– I can exactly say that I feel comfortable and stylish about what’s wearing! This is a costume from the upcoming new collection. She is very strong! I am absolutely sure that these things will attract attention!

So far, you do not have a marriage suit, and while you can see the tuxedo for the future of the wedding. That is, the tuxedo will be earlier than the bride, if there is, of course, no more.

– While there is no second half with me, I do not know when I will have a betrothal or a wedding. But when that day comes, it’s probably the designer Sergey Smolin of the IDOL brand. will create a wedding dress for me.

Sometimes they say that in fact you have a girl in Ukraine, in Kiev. They say that you even live together. Is that true

– No, it’s not true. You can say anything and people say. But at this stage – nothing serious, with no one! Honest word!

On one of the “Dancing with the Stars” broadcasts, you and your partner danced to the song Tina Karol in live performance. Did not the spark break in between you and Tina Karol?

– I greatly respect Tina as an artist as a brilliant man; it was an honor for me to dance a very beautiful contemporaries for her live singing. I think that the viewer liked it! Shadows – my respect! But all my sympathies are only in the professional plane!46449504_2196503313702259_1268282599600553984_n

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