By the 20th anniversary of Ukrainian Fashion Week, 20 best designers and 20 talented artists will create 20 creative works of art. All of them will be presented within the framework of the UFW from the 4th to the 9th of September in the “Mystetskyi Arsenal”. The new heroes of the project were the IDoL brand designers. and artist Mirra Koval

Collaborative pair – brand IDoL. and the artist Mirra Koval prepare for the 20th anniversary of Ukrainian Fashion Week a very unusual work. They plan a picture in the style of realism, where you can see a complex combination of graphics and watercolors, sufficient detailing, as well as the use of techniques for combining color and black and white graphics. By the way, Mirra became the finalist of the fashion illustration contest IMAGO 2016 due to her work, which was also performed in the technique of realism.

20 years of history and experience, innovative approach to the design of men’s clothing, tailoring traditions and excellent quality of materials – so I can characterize the clothes brand IDoL. It is a great honor for me to cooperate with this brand in the framework of the Fashion + ART project “, – Mirra Koval


The retinue makes a king. And the key to the success of my brand, I relate to the team and this says it all, “- Serge Smolin


A bright, interesting project, more such co-workers. The world of creativity is very rich and unique, both for designers and artists, combining and interacting with each other, very surprising things are obtained, “- Serge Payet