CALYPSO S / S 2017


“If a person has an opportunity to lead an unusual life, he had no right to refuse from it.”

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Traveling on the Côte d’coast of France, Serge Smolin visited one unique place – Musée océanographique de Monaco, Museum and Institution of Oceanography, which for 47 years as head of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Numerous forms and a variety of marine organisms, inspired the designer to create a collection of eccentric CALYPSO S / S 2017

As an example of the uniqueness and eccentricity, Serge selects the symbol collection is very unusual creature – a fish-mouse (Latin Ogcocepphalus darwini, English Batfish..). This fish is known for its bright red lips, and the fact that it runs along the bottom, rather than swim. It resembles a bat, from which actually is the name.

Designer Serge Smolin holds subtle parallel between the unusual images of marine life and view of the “future” day of men’s fashion. Originality and freedom, courage and audacity are the main principles of the new collection S / S 2017 by IDOL. Adhering to the classic cut jacket, Serge boldly experimenting with its forms. Asymmetry and layering, a variety of textures and detail is what puts the designer in the new season. Quiet and low-key tone is repeated collection colors of the oceans. Exceptional item invented by Serge Smolin in 2009 – poloderzhatel again present in the collection CALYPSO S / S 2017. It emphasizes style and keeps the DNA of the brand.

The collection CALYPSO S / S 2017 Serge Smolin original uses innovative 3D printing technology, keeping pace with the times. So, at the Department of Applied Ecology, polymers and chemical KNUTD fiber technology, scientific and educational laboratory “Advanced polymer materials” under the guidance of prof., Ph.D. Savchenko BM conducted experiments on the adaptation of various plastics for use in the creation of products using additive technologies on the 3D printer. With the help of 3D Mankaty printer was created decorative coral of flexible durable plastic Elastan, which is used as a decorative element in the CALYPSO collection.

Wide trousers with arrows, close-fitting jackets, shorts and loose shirts embroidered with decorative elements, printed on a 3D printer in a fancy shape – it will look like a modern man from IDOL. In 2017.