Creative Alliance of Fashion House IDoL and ZS Group


A joint project of the architectural studio ZS Group and IDoL Fashion House was presented at the largest in Ukraine exhibition Interior Mebel – the international exhibition of furniture, lighting and decor. Thanks to the selective and personal approach to the organization, Interior Mebel became the epicenter of interior and architectural events on the Ukrainian market. Participants of the exhibition are represented by stands, interior shows and design installations.
The exhibition Interior Mebel was held at the Kiev International Exhibition Center, 15 Brovarsky Avenue, February 19-23, 2014.

One of the most interesting design stands of the exhibition is the product of the joint team of ZS Group Andrei Kuzmichev and the IDoL Fashion House of the famous Ukrainian designer Serge Smolin. Attention visitors and customers presented concept show room or fashion boutique, which is based on the idea of a surreal space and its refraction using contrasting colors and light solutions. Multilevel light makes it possible to change the atmosphere. The space is divided into zones, a combination of colors, modern materials, furniture, textiles and mirrors create their own unique world.

Owner of ZS Group Andrey Kuzmichev:
“Our company always strives for innovation. To create extraordinary progressive interiors, we joined forces with the famous fashion house IDoL and the designer of the brand Serge Smolin. Cross the world of Fashion and competent architectural solutions – that is the goal of our union. As a result, the consumer receives a new product that allows people to expand their personal style space, updating not only their wardrobe, but also actualizing the interior. “

Designer Serge Smolin:
“I am a designer and my mission is to bring to life the spirit of the IDoL brand I created, both in global things and in detail – decor elements, interior, objects that we use. After all, “habitat” reflects the essence of man, his habits, his preferences, his personal world. That’s why I decided to apply my experience in the field of interior design. Thanks to cooperation with the company ZS Group – it became possible.
What should a modern man’s house look like? How to create a boutique interior, in which buyers will be flocked like bees to honey? How to arrange an office in which you want to work 24 hours a day? I deal with such issues together with the team of ZS Group – professionals in the field of architecture and interior design.
Also in the “menu” of my brand there is a new “dish” called IDoL HOME – a line of accessories for the house. “

ZS GROUP is a company that specializes in creating actual interiors for individuals, as well as for shop owners, exhibition halls, offices and other public buildings. The group includes an architectural bureau, a set of decorators led by Serge Smolin, a trade group for the selection of furniture and accessories, and a construction company.

Our motto is to create the beauty of the living space.